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Site Implementation Services
  We offer Single Window Solutions to ensure our customers’ convenience, undertaking:
Survey of proposed sites
Site preparation report and proposal
Project planning
Building works and decor according     to corporate branding
Final installation

We also ensure:
Safe electrical cabling
Uninterrupted power supply
Prompt emergency services
Effective security
Surveillance with DVR/ Pinhole    Camera
Single Window Solutions

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The Process:
Diebold helps customers identify sites and draft lease deeds with the premises owner, apart from offering architectural engineering services in the site preparation providing civil, electrical and carpentry work including supply and installation of accessories like Air Conditioners, UPS, Visual Merchandising items and Access lock.

We supply and install networking equipments like VSAT, routers, and modems. We also take care of the day to day maintenance and repairs of these sites.

In fact total Project Management is undertaken. The site is completed in all respects right from site takeover to installation within 30 days.

Mobile Vans:
Making ATM services accessible to remote rural areas – Our mobile vans are fully euipped with all the facilities, security and 24X7 services as available at any of our other ATM terminals.
Mobile Vans