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Event Management Services (EMS)
Diebold EMS provides remote monitoring and management of the ATM Network. EMS continually monitors, correlates, identifies and filters Automated Teller Machines (ATM), ATM Host, and Network events, and then automatically routes help calls without the need for operator intervention. EMS also maintains a complete log of all events reported by the ATM Network, including ATM Uptime, actions taken to resolve each event, and response time to the help calls.

Its flexible rules engine defines the proper notification, escalation and corrective action for each status generated by the ATM and helps:
As a service developed to receive, analyse, and    respond to status messages sent by an ATM
Track and then address the performance of an ATM    network as per SLAs
Identify poor ATM performance trends or issues
Accurately predict ATM service/replenishment needs
Track the performance of the vendor service team
Real-time status of availability & uptime of ATM and    ATM networks

EMS provides thousands of Device Status messages, where error messages can be received and then corrective actions taken using notification techniques including:
Interactive Voice Response
Electronic Dispatch