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CRM at the ATM
iqCRM is a unique Diebold Service offering that facilitates "1 to 1" marketing campaigns at the SST. In other words, the marketing campaigns that are displayed at the SST can vary based on the information about the customer.

iqCRM - Delivering success
Diebold’s iqCRM system includes everything you need, to successfully market products and services at the ATM while building relationships with your customers. Diebold provides the iqCRM server, iqCRM ATM agent software, professional services, and support that allows you to:
Develop custom multi-visit marketing campaigns.
Select market segments based on customer profiles, increasing the opportunity for customer    acceptance.
Deploy full-color, graphic-rich marketing content.
Generate valuable sales leads.
Quickly test customer response to new promotions.
Market to “not-on-us” customers by emphasizing key advantages over their financial    institutions.
Integrate with your enterprise-wide CRM systems.
Reinforce other marketing channels.
Produce reports showing detailed campaign and customer response history.
Provide lower costs, greater interaction, and quicker payback than other direct marketing    methods.