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Content Management Services (CMS)
Another way of getting more out of your ATM networks is to use ATM screens for customer communications or other types of distributed content – or even to sell media space on your ATMs to outside advertisers.

Our Content Management Services offer a solution for remote and efficient transport of ATM screen advertising, electronic journal (EJ) file retrieval, and coupon distribution on an ATM network.
Diebold's CMS allows a customer to:
Update screens without opening the ATM and    compromising security
Preview and download icons, screen graphics, coupon    graphics, and MPEG video on to ATMs
Construct advertising campaigns
Precisely schedule delivery and activation times
Select and group ATM terminals to receive different    content
Retrieve EJ files without compromising on security

Benefits of the EJ Upload Service include:
Transmission of journal log to a central site    electronically
Facilitation of Electronic analysis rather than manual
Easy extended storage
Easy handling of data
Immense use in investigating problems/disputes    between bank and customer
Also used in diagnosing and solving problems of the    ATM