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Cash Replenishment and CIT Management
Diebold provides Cash Replenishment and CIT Management for the Bank ATM’s on a best practices model as recommended by the RBI. Professional monitoring and management of this service promises a low risk, high- reliability experience. Areas like cash insurance, quality assessment, cash limits planning, etc can be undertaken by Diebold. This is delivered through value added partnerships with third party service providers like Brinks, CMS, AP Securitrans, Writer Safeguard, etc.
Packs ‘N’ Rolls Consumables Management System Diebold’s Packs ‘N’ Rolls system is designed to help Financial Institutions and Service Providers to automate the process of forecasting the consumables requirements of the ATMs. The solution also contains an add-on module that will help maintain entire inventory of the consumables. This is a client server based application with front end developed in Visual Basic and back end as MS SQL.

Advantages & Key Features
Effective ATMs Consumables forecasting.
Reduced ATM Downtime.
Effective consumables replenishment loading schedule. Better inventory management of the ATM    consumables.
Supports all types of consumables (JP, RP, ribbon etc). Customizable reporting