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Cash Management & Optimization Services
The Diebold ATM Cash Management Service improves the customer’s ability to more tightly manage and reduce the cash levels at all critical points integral to the cash replenishment process. It further provides the ability to easily monitor and accurately forecast (predict) cash demands while establishing and maintaining customer-specific historical data to facilitate both the realization of immediate cash reductions and the sustaining of long-term savings by the customer. In short, the Diebold ATM Cash Management Service is designed to reduce the high costs of ATM currency management for the customer, while simultaneously improving and sustaining operational efficiencies and cost savings within the customers’ operations.

This service also provides extensive reporting capability. This flexible reporting capability allows the customer to review activity for specific ATMs, or a selective grouping of ATMs within a specified market, region or network. A number of reports are readily available in a variety of methods. Following is a list of some terminal settlement and activity reports:

The Diebold ATM Cash Management Service allows you to:
• Optimize ATM cash levels
• Reduce time-consuming cash functions
• Achieve sustainable benefits