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Teller Cash Dispenser
Express Delivery XT™ System

Enhanced capabilities boost productivity, customer satisfaction and security whilereducing costs in your teller cash-dispensing operations.

With Express Delivery XT™ System, Diebold optimizes the ability of financialinstitutions to increase transaction efficiency with contained costs. Performance - designedto maintain your competitive edge, Express Delivery XT:
  • Boosts productivity by eliminating the time your tellers spend counting and recounting cash, allowing tellers to serve upto twice as many customers per hour,with increased accuracy and reliability.
  • Increased customer confidence since cash is now counted mechanically.
  • Strengthens security by reducing internal fraud opportunities and maintaining security of funds in the event of a robbery.
  • Contains costs, because increased transaction speed and volume in the teller line and drive-up lanes are achieved without hiring additional staff, and withoutcostly renovation or expansion of your branch facilities.
  • Reduces teller cash setup at start of day and also time needed to balance at end of day.

Download the Teller Cash Dispenser brochure in PDF* format.

*Check that you have already installed Adobe Acrobat Reader (required to read PDF files) on your computer. If not, click Adobe Acrobat Download and follow the steps to download this application.