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Opteva 720
The Opteva 720 advanced function walk-up ATM is designed for placement in stand-alone interior locations with a vestibule collar option (Rear Load terminal only) where full or advanced ATM functionality is desired. This model is designed to be placed in indoor lobby locations, such as financial services providers’ branches or off-premises locations, transportation centers and corporate facilities. The Diebold Opteva 720 is a feature-rich ATM supporting cash or other media dispensing, as well as the following functionality:
Envelope dispense and deposit

Check cashing and deposit functionality with the Intelligent     Depository Module and Coin Dispenser

Advanced printing transactions for statements loan applications    and other document printing, with two color graphical receipt and    statement printers

Passbook Printer availability

15.1" color LCD with touch screen

Bulk cash deposits

Bar Code Reader


The Diebold Opteva solution allows this interior walk-up ATM to provide consumers with fast transactions that are easily accessible with ergonomically advanced consumer access points. Components and product enhancements, like the Two Color Graphical Printer, Intelligent Depository module, and five high cassette capability, continue to advance the functionality of the Opteva Solution.

The Opteva 720 solution flexibility allows a financial institution to decide how and when to apply new technologies without undue impact on the original investment. Our open architecture allows flexibility in not only upgrading components, but in integrating entire networks into a unified environment.
Download the 720 brochure in PDF* format.

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