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Transaction Through Mobile
Transaction Through Mobile
Introducing “Transaction through Mobile” - An innovative concept protecting customers from all card related frauds.
The Professional Services team in Diebold Systems India has co-partnered with Atom Technologies for developing a solution that allows the electronic card information to be stored within the atom application on the mobile (any JAVA MIDP 2.0 enabled mobile will work), which can be used to withdraw cash and avail all services at “mobile” compliant ATMs. This integrates with a bank’s existing ATM infrastructure and works similar to a plastic card transaction.
Transaction through Mobile – Working concept

1. Instead of inserting the card, a Customer starts transaction by pressing the “ENTER” key whereby the ATM will display a 4 digit time variant random number.

2. The Customer enters this random number on his mobile and selects a card number and generates an encrypted image on the mobile display.

3. He positions the image near the reader which scans the encrypted image.

4. If the image is genuine & valid then the selected card details are copied to ATM Track-2 buffer and the customer is taken to the next good state after the card is read (usually the PIN entry state).

5. Thereafter the transaction follows the normal flow.
Transaction through Mobile - Working Concept