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Surveillance consists of video surveillance either live and/or recorded. It consists of single/multiple cameras, a digital recording machine and a viewing station with necessary cable connections. The surveillance can be either in ATMs, branches/other offices or both.

Branch Surveillance: Critical areas of the branch like teller rooms, branch manager’s cabin and the vault rooms can be covered under video surveillance. Cameras will be strategically placed so that video as well as audio can be recorded. The recording is done locally at the branch level and can be accessed remotely via the intranet/internet. Also IP based solutions can be provided where the recoding of the branch can be done at any location either inside or outside the branch.

Digital Video Surveillance (DVR)

Diebold DVR
is a digital video surveillance solution designed specifically for ATMs. It automatically detects any motion inside the ATM room, using highly sensitive “software-based” motion detection algorithms, and records it as a video/image in a highly compressed format. It also stores the transaction details from the ATM along with the video/photo as a proof of the transactions for future reference. This is watermarked and can be used as an evidence in a court of law.

This solution not only archives programs, but also allows you to search, retrieve and review the recorded video/photo data as and when you require.  This solution saves a lot of cabinet space and provides a much more effective means to store, retrieve and organize ATM transaction archives.
Highlights of DVR solution

Completely automated system which does not require any manpower for monitoring, like Time    Lapse Recorder system.

Motion Detection – Uses highly sensitive “software” based motion detection algorithms.    Records only when motion is detected inside the ATM room.

Video is stored in a highly compressed digital format i.e. it  occupies very less hard disk space    (can store up to 1800 hours of content in a 40GB HDD)

Hard Disk Storage Management - Auto Recycling of hard disk space – on First In First Out    (FIFO) basis.

Records video with transaction details like Card No, ATM ID, Date, Time of transaction,    Transaction ID etc.

Encryption – Video files would be encrypted using our in-house encryption algorithms. These    encrypted files can be accessed only through our Reports/Playback module and cannot be    edited.

Easy to use Search engine – To retrieve transaction details (with video) based on ATM ID,    Transaction ID, time/date of transaction or amount withdrawn etc.

Remote Monitoring – Can do live monitoring of many offsite ATMs from a central location via    LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet etc. However, at an ATM it may not be recommended due to    bandwidth limitations.