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Diebold Software Services Pvt Ltd (DSSPL) is the offshore software development and testing center for Diebold Incorporated. DSSPL caters to the software requirements of Diebold's Self Service Terminal (popularly known as ATMs) business line.

It's one of the four Software Development Centres of Self Service segment's R&D vertical, the others being at Canton, Brazil and EMEA (Belgium, France and Italy). Firmware and Hardware development centre is at China. DSSPL services, to both product development (Global Software Development - GSD) and product quality assurance and testing (Global Systems Design & Quality Assurance - GDQA) departments, under the R&D vertical.

The central R&D department is based at North Canton, Ohio. DSSPL collaborates with the other three development centers across the globe, to provide software design, development, testing and support (level 2 / level 3) services for Diebold's various Self Service software products. These products have the flexibility to be deployed on Diebold's terminals or other vendor terminals.

Other ongoing projects are a Proximity Development Centre for Asia- Pacific regions, besides capacity enhancement for GSD and GDQA which would result in accelerated software development and deployment cycle time besides improved services and reduced costs.
Diebold Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
Diebold Software Center
Product Function
AgilisTM Overall software suite for multi-vendor terminal resident software.
Agilis 91xTM Agilis turn-key application that emulates Diebold’s 911/912 environment.
Agilis NDxTM Agilis turn-key application that emulates NCR’s NDC and NDC+ environment.
Agilis 3xTM Agilis turn-key application that emulates IBM’s 473x environment.
Agilis XFSTM Diebold’s extensions for Financial Services   providers.
iqCRM is Diebold’s new “best in class” solution that allows customers to extend Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the ATM sites. This product facilitates “One to One” product advertising or surveys. This means that customers can now target specific consumers with product offers, informational messages, information gathering surveys, priority campaigns, or brand awareness campaigns. What’s more, customers who already have CRM programs established for other touch points, such as call centers, tellers, and direct mail, can integrate iqCRM to add ATMs.
Electronic Software Distribution (iqESD) is a centralized, server-based system for remotely managing Diebold self-service terminals. The system consists of one or more servers communicating with self-service terminals that have been enabled using agent software.

iqESD’s Graphics Distribution Module allows users to:
· Build and maintain advertising campaigns
· Securely distribute and activate marketing content
· Gather and analyze marketing statistics
· Retrieve files
· Generate reports
(Diebold Customer Internet Support)
Diebold Software Update Notification powered by DCIS is a system for communicating important information and applicable software updates for Microsoft Windows® operating systems deployed on Diebold ATMs.